Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Innocent Muzungu* Attacked by Ratty Sheep

I was walking home from the office on Sunday, minding my own business, when a sheep looked up from his grazing, and shot me the evil eye. Before I knew it, he head butted my left thigh with enough force to knock me down in the mud. Gabriella, an Argentinian doctor who weighs no more than 90 pounds, came to my rescue. She was also head butted, but somehow managed to stay on her feet. The pics above are of the perpetrator and victom (note the sheep's-head shaped bruise).

Unfortunately, the whole neighborhood witnessed this ugly attack. Several neighbors approached us on our way home and appologized on the sheep´s behalf.

*Muzungu is Swahili for "white person," as in "how are you Muzungu?¨(frequent greeting by neighborhood children).


Anonymous said...

Hello Muzungu,

And you wanted to go to Africa for this??? I'm laughing my ass off as I'm writing this, but I do hope that you're ok.

Miss you,
Yu Mee (find out how to say Asian person)

Anonymous said...

Puchica!! Te fuiste a encontrar con la oveja loca!! Cuidado con las vacas, me han dicho que son peores...

Besos muzungu,

Anonymous said...

A sheep? You're little but you're scrappy! How'd the sheep get the drop on you?

Missing you something awful.


Anonymous said...

is that your buttock?

nomad said...

How dare you!!!

You must not know me very well, anon. I'm too modest to show my buttock to even my most intimate friends, much less post a pic on the internet. This is a calculatedly blurry and shadowed shot of my left thigh, artfully angled.