Sunday, June 17, 2007

Busia Town

is basically a roadside village, 3 km away from the border between Kenya and Uganda. Boda-Bodas--bicycle taxis--are the primary form of transportation in town. "Taxi" makes them sound more civilized than they actually are.They are actually just old rusty one-speeds with a small cushin behind the driver´s seat for the passenger. They shuttle people up and down the highway between the southern part of town and the group of shops near the border.

I need to schlep the three kilometers between the hospital and our office a few times a day. I used to take the boda-bodas when there was no car available, but even with my eye's clenched shut and my hands gripping the driver I was scared. Now I prefer to ride the old tanker bike that has been passed through generations of Busia ex-pats.

Becuase the boda-boda business is one of the more important sectors of the Busia economy, bicycle repair shops/stands line the highway. This bike repair business, located under the mango tree near our house, repaired the bike I've been riding.


giuli said...

bikes and mangos...sounds good to me!

Anonymous said...

good observation. go ahead and mention the commomn type of foods and brews especially in the neighbouring country. call me on 0720 540 515 next time you come so that I can a buy a round of beer.