Sunday, September 21, 2008

University of Liverpool

I am a student at the University of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine for the next three months. My course has exceeded my expectations so far. There are about 90 doctors from more than 25 different countries enrolled in the course. Half of the students are from UK and half from other parts of Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, or North America. I've found the other students like-minded. Almost everybody plans to work in the developing world or works there already. The curriculum is focused on what we need to know in order to practice in low-resource countries in the tropics. Many of the sessions emphasize exchange of information among the students who have practiced in different countries, so we can learn more about the nuts and bolts of practice in various settings.

I love the old school crest (at left above). They replaced this logo with a hideous new one, but the old school building (at right above) still has stained glass windows with the historic crest.

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