Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Last Weekend in Kenya

This was over a month ago, but I've re-discovered these pics and want to post them here. In mid-August I spent my last weekend in Kenya at the family homestead of our housekeeper Margaret, near Nanyuki in the Great Rift Valley. Margaret and I took a mini-bus 3 hours from Nairobi to get there. Margaret's mother Ruth lives in this house, along with several of her 14 children, and a few great-grandchildren. Margaret is shown in the fabulous red and pink dress below.

I was priviledged to stay as Mama Ruth's guest for the weekend. The family welcomed me. In fact, Mama Ruth insisted that I sleep in her room. Although I offered to go to a nearby hotel, my hostess would not hear of it. She slept in the house's main room along with eight other people. Nevertheless, she seemed delighted with my visit. She and the rest of the family would burst into Kikuyu prayer every hour or so. Of course I couldn't understand what they were saying, but "Nelly" was mentioned several times per session, so I assumed they were happy I was there. Pic of Mama Ruth in Blue at right.

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sol said...

so..where r u now???
danny se va a nairobi el viernes...y yo estoy buscando ahora algo en kenya tb...
una pena que ya no estes alli....
y cuando vienes por sevilla a vernos a norma y a mi