Saturday, December 23, 2006

This has nothing to do with Guatemala or AIDS or medicine.

Have you seen It an amazing computer program. When you open it, you see a picture of earth on the cmputer screen. By clicking the mouse, you descend to earth from space, down to whichever continent you choose. As you get closer, you can navigate to the location of your choice, right down to individual buildings and landmarks. I went from space to 102nd st., between WEA and Riverside, in about 20 seconds! They finally took down the scaffolding outside my old building, I see.

Conrado is in a China phase. He is sick of Spain.


Anonymous said...

Happy HANUKA (o como se escriba),

estoy bajando Me molan mogollón estos programas... creo que empezaré por la fase guatemala... ¿se podrá ver tikal?



Anonymous said...

Que porquería! Si le doy a volar a Olopa me sale una ventanita diciendo "búsqueda sin resultado"... Pero en Cádiz se pueden ver hasta los rosales que mi madre tiene plantados en el jardín. Vamos, que la próxima vez que salga a la calle miraré hacia el cielo y os mandaré un saludo.

Bueno, me voy para australia, a ver si veo algún canguro.


Anonymous said...


raving about the virtues of google earth (?!), sounds to me like you are a bit sensory deprived (or overdosing on guatemalan "tea")

May I suggest an immmediate dose of 2 week holiday in NYC?

dysphoric said...

sensory deprived, seguro. Holiday in NYC is going to have to wait until April though, unfortunately.

But start buying up tickets for live music, dance, movies, plays, etc...