Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heat Wave Hits Bihar

We did not think life in Bihar could get harder, but our local staff assure us that it can. From the Patna Daily Today:

The current heat wave gripping much of the state forced most people to stay indoor on Monday as temperature soared to 42° Celsius (108° Fahrenheit), at least 5° more than the average around this time.

Those who were forced to step outside their homes were seen covering their faces with scarves and towels while making frequent pit stops at roadside vendors to grab a cold glass of sugarcane juice, watermelons, or 'sattu' drink to quench their thirst.

I like the rickshaw driver in the background of this pic. Can you imagine driving a bicycle rickshaw in 108 degree heat?

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L said...

Ugh. Sounds yuck. I'm enjoying your blog for El Periodico, and missing you, so come home soon.