Sunday, May 04, 2008


Rebecca works for MSF as a “flying” sexual violence reference person. She has been to MSF projects all over Africa, helping to set up or to improve the response to sexual violence in the communities where MSF works. Our project is lucky to have Rebecca's help for several weeks. She’s a gifted public speaker. One of her talks was so good that even one of our drivers asked for copies of her slides so he could remember everything she said.

Lucy and I are particularly fortunate that Rebecca is staying in the house where we live. She tells us stories about her work in Liberia, Chad, Uganda,and Eastern Europe. She's also side-splittingly funny and cooks a lovely macaroni and cheese. (Those buff arms are thanks to yoga, by the way).


sol said...

how r u????
yo estoy por India de vacaciones y ayer me encontre con Rafa, que esta por aqui con su chica...nos acordamos de vosotros, muuuchos besossss
ah, ya no vivo en barcelona, ahora estoy en granada, asi que si te apetece conocer granada cuando vuelvas ya sabes!!!!

jocelyn said...

Hi there - I am a public health student in Vancouver, Canada, and I follow your blog by RSS from time to time. Is there any way you could pass on my e-mail to Rebecca? I'm doing my thesis on gender-based violence in conflict situations and I'm wondering given her work with MSF if she might be a helpful contact for me.

Anonymous said...

hi, I'm just a weird interested bystander but that rebecca seems pretty cute. Just letting you know.

nomad said...

well, I hear she's single, depending on who's asking..