Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tribalism In Kenya

The BBC website has an article today on ethnic divisions in Kenya. It is essential to understand the tribal divisions in order to understand politics. The sentence in the story that really says it all: "tribal differences in Kenya, normally accepted peacefully, are exploited by politicians hungry for power who can manipulate poverty-stricken population." The BBC map of ethnic group distribution in Kenya is copied above.


JK said...


You and your readers may be interested in this opinion piece in the Christian Science Monitor about the recent violence in Kenya by Columbia political scientist, long-time Kenya observer, and our fellow Broadway and 111th St. bus stop parent Jackie Klopp.

JK said...

I can't remember how to create a hyperlink in blogger, but here's the wrap or you can go to the monitor and search for author "Jacqueline M. Klopp" on jan 14