Monday, November 26, 2007


is too good to be true: picturesque waterways, restored townhouses, tolerant Dutch people zipping around on their bicycles. I didn't make it to many of the museums-- too distracted by the endless bars, cafes, and coffeeshops. The average corner cafe has a wide-selection of Belgian beers on tap, smoked salmon and watercress sandwiches on thick brown bred, and homemade apple cake. Three or four of those establishments on a single block! With so many pubs to patronize, how can anybody be expected to get anything done? We ate (dad with college roommate at candlelit restaurant, at left below) and shopped (wide-eyed sister at bonbon-central, at right below).

I'm back in Busia now, dragging the odd feelings that come with rapid movement between sleek European capital and rural Kenyan village. Downtown Amsterdam vs. downtown Busia pictured below.


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Nell, this is the first time I've read your blog in months and guess what: I was in Amsterdam the same time you were; sorry we missed each other
Jill Silverman