Saturday, October 27, 2007

Send your old digital camera to Sue Johnson

My friend, the lovely and talented photographer Sue Johnson, has been working with a photography collective in South Africa for the past 3 years. I met Sue in 1987, right after she left St. Cloud Minnesota for college. She had a perm then, and looked a lot like Meg Ryan back in the When Harry Met Sally era. she doesn't look like that anymore, but she still has huge blue eyes and amazing legs. She's married, with two small children who were both born in South Africa. Sometimes she collaborates with her husband Joe on his Radio Diaries documentaries. Haven't heard Thembe's Radio Diary about living with HIV in South Africa? Go immeadiately to

Back to the photography collective: It's a mix of young people and long-time street photographers. They have been documenting their lives in the townships, one neighborhood at a time. Click on the link above to see their work.

Sue says the group is growing and they need more equipment. They are looking for

* used point and shoot or SLR digital cameras (3.2 Megapixels and up)
* Battery chargers
* Flash Cards or Memory Cards
* laptops
* hard drives
* firewire cables and power chargers
* photography books for the library

If you have any of the above equipment lying around since you bought a newer model, consider donating it to Iliso Labantu. E-mail Sue at, and she will arrange to get your donation to South Africa.

Iliso Labantu -- The Eye of the People

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