Friday, May 25, 2007

What on Earth Are We Doing Here?

Dear Confused Friends:

That last post was written by my friend Maria de los Angeles Navarro, the Puerto Barrios logistician. [Pic at right is of Angeles looking effortlessly beautiful, as usual.] A few of you might not have understood what she wrote. She uses words that are difficult for those of us with language learning disabilities and/or hypoplastic left temporal hemispheres. Nevertheless, I hope she keeps writing entries from Guatemala. It gives the blog more of an international flavor, don't you think? And we would also keep up on the progress of MSF's work in Guatemala, not to mention gossip from Barrios. Hopefully I will find a few other willing blog contributors from the MSF staff I meet in Spain or in Africa.


--Housesitting in luxury Soho loft, and readying myself to go to Kenya

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