Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Family Visits

My family and a couple of friends from New York visited me in Eastern Guatemala over the weekend. If big smiles are an accurate indicator, they appeared to enjoy the trip (despite bats in the bungalows and other assorted minor mishaps).

We traveled down the Rio Dulce to the mouth of Lago Izabal. Mom kayaked and toured the nearby village. Her less active offspring drank beers and watched the sunset over the river.

After my parents left on Dec 31st (pic at right below), we boated back to Livingston. Somebody in the boat mistook my sister for an Evangelical. There is a first time for everything, I suppose.

Back in Livingston, we drank and danced in the new year with Conrado, Rafa, and Pichi. Jenny´s smile (above) is just after midnight, Jan 1 2007.

I spent the weekend feeling fortunate that I have such an amazing family!


Anonymous said...

Spending New Years with you in Guatemala was The Best! It was wonderful to see where you have been living, meet your amazing colleagues, and even see some of your patients - healthy and thriving - waving and smiling at their Doctora. I miss you so much, and admire all you have done. Jenny
ps - quiero un liquado de sangria STAT.

Anonymous said...

oops I meant liquado de sandia. But I wouldn't mind a Sangria either.

erikamax said...

Happy new year!
wishing i was there with you and your familia!

dysphoric said...

voy a hacer liquado de sandia en casa por la tarde. son ricos!

Anonymous said...

It is an amazing family, and I enjoyed reading about their visit with you and the photos. Since your dad sent your URL, I've been reading your enlightening blogs, whenever I get a chance. Bravo from a cousin [by marriage to Dan]! Happy New Year, too, Anne C.