Monday, September 11, 2006

Hanging Out With the Brothers

Dolores, our Field Project Coordinator, works a lot. She spends much of her free time with local friends. That leaves Rafa, Conrado, and me with a lot of quality time. I feel like I was born again into life with two brothers.
They eat a lot, watch tv, talk about women, and drink beer. I fit right in.
Above left is a pic of Conrado (my Colombian brother) watching the Simpsons dubbed into Spanish. [It's much better in English]. The pic on the right is Rafa (my Spanish brother) at Las Escobas, which is a secluded swimming hole with waterfalls in the middle of the jungle about 20 mins outside of Puerto Barrios. Due to popular demand, I include a pic of myself below (in a bathing suit no less!) at Las Escobas.


erikamax said...

you is one hot mama.. but i already knew that!

and with two brothers. boy o boy, im jealous..

and missing you tons..

dysphoric said...

thanks eeksie. nice to know that you are out there reading this.

TrueDrE said...

Too bad we didn't provide you with two brothers earlier.